Art with Ms. Rehab for KG-8th


          Art is more than just an academic subject. It is a way of life. Art allows us not only to think for ourselves but feel for ourselves. Through art people can express what they are feeling when words fall short and convey an entire story without saying a word.

            The goal of the art department is to teach students about the many aspects artistic expression and design.  Students should be able to practice art in the following ways: production, fundamentals, aesthetics, exhibiting, observing, critiquing, and studying cultures and the history of art, as well as the artists that created the works.

            The art curriculum aims to awaken the creativity of every student and celebrate their effort and progress of each piece of art work. In addition to the academic skills of art, students learn patience, generosity, honesty, respect for themselves and others, selflessness and humility. Students develop team skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and self-expression in a fun and supportive environment. 

Ms. Rehab's Curriculum & Procedures  

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