Upper School Philosophy


            At Pillars Preparatory Academy, we believe in a student-centered, highly engaging learning environment in which students develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to solve problems and make sound decisions within the framework of Islamic ideals and principles.  Our goal is to teach students take ownership of their learning by offering them choices, exposing them to a variety of courses, making them accountable for their actions, and holding them to high academic and moral standards.  We encourage students to get involved in shaping their school by spearheading initiatives that contribute to the advancement of our community. 

            The academic programs of Pillars Preparatory Academy offers students an opportunity to study a rigorous curriculum preparing them for university, while exploring different interests through a variety of elective courses.  Students will have the opportunity to take AP classes which enable them to receive college credit as well as being well-prepared for SAT exams.  We offer a balanced approach to education in which we integrate academics, extracurricular activities, and Islamic education. This threefold method will help strengthen students’ faith, achieve success in their future endeavors, and become contributing members of their community.