The English Department strives to create a rigorous and academically challenging curriculum. The Department aims to foster a learning environment that will produce creative students who read closely, write precisely, collaborate effectively, reflect purposefully, and solve problems ethically. To that end, students will be exposed to various literary works that will expand their views of the world. It is our hope that students will look at the world with a 360 degree lens. The English faculty is committed to developing communication skills in students that will enable them to be successful in college and beyond.  We want our students to develop their own unique voices and to understand the importance of literature and language in their everyday lives and find personal connections to the texts that enhance their understanding of themselves and the world.

            At Pillars Prep Academy, our students are called upon to think and ask: Why? Through our exploration of literature and the development of our voices through our oral and written works, we aspire to make the world a better place. We will read short stories, novels, plays, fiction, and non-fiction. We will hone our grammar and writing skills through various writing assignments including narratives and essays.  We will share our thoughts and ideas with our classmates while sharpening our speaking skills through speeches, debates and presentations.

            The Language Arts Department has an integrated program that stresses various forms of classic and contemporary literature. There is emphasis on basic skills, study skills, English grammar (usage and mechanics), vocabulary, spelling, literary concepts, note taking, writing techniques and styles (penmanship), research skills, reading strategies & comprehension, and speaking & listening skills.


6th Grade English

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