Mathematics with Ms. Safia


            Our Math Department mission at Pillars Preparatory Academy is to help students to be independent thinkers by applying prior knowledge to new situations and providing them guidance through the learning process with the continuity of using hands-on materials, mathematical discourse, and technology.  We will strive to make our students  have the ability to take ownership of their own mathematical learning and provide opportunities to explore and investigate mathematical concepts. All math courses will provide students with instruction that includes a balance between skill development and mathematical understanding.

            Throughout the courses of the year, students will use previously learned knowledge as well as their own abilities to successfully work through problem solving assignments through which they will continue to prepare themselves for “real life” mathematical situations.

View the 6th grade Math syllabus


View the 7th grade Math syllabus


View the 8th grade Math syllabus


View the 9th grade Math syllabus - coming soon



Ms. Safia's welcome letter   

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