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             The goal of the social studies program at Pillars Prep Academy is to foster civic-minded, globally aware, and socially responsible students through the understanding of the fundamental principles and values of democracy and citizenship. The deep understanding of the concepts through this conceptual framework provides students with the ability to think critically and systematically and make informed decisions about local, national, and international issues and challenges.

             Pillars Prep Academy students will be exposed to the knowledge of multiple perspectives, cultural understanding, and an interconnected global economy and will be utilizing emerging technologies to communicate and collaborate on career and personal matters with citizens of other world regions. Their learning experiences will enable students to overcome geographic borders, apply scientific and mathematical analysis to historical questions and contemporary issues, appreciate cultural diversity, and experience events through the examination of primary sources.

6th Grade World Geography: Eastern World

             The Sixth Grade competencies and objectives build upon Kindergarten through Fifth grade concepts. Students will continue their exploration of the diverse geographic aspects of countries of the Eastern World, including, Southwest and Central Asia, South and East Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to explain the interrelationship between people and their geographic environments in terms of the (physical, social, economic, political, demographic, cultural, historical environments).  

             Coverage of countries and regions in this course will enable students to develop an attentiveness of prevailing world conditions and developments, including emerging conditions and trends, and awareness of diversity of ideas and practices, which will encourage them to think geographically.

7th Grade World Geography: Western World

             The Seventh Grade curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of the geographic aspects of the countries of the Western World, including, the Americas, Europe, Russia, and the Caucus. The students will be equipped with fundamental geographic skills and tools to assess the absolute and relative location of people and places; and the physical and cultural characteristics of place; to understand adaptation to environments; and learn migration and settlement patterns. They will also explore the relationship of geography, politics, and economics and continue to learn fundamental geographic concepts as applied to their daily lives.

8th Grade U.S. History: Beginnings to 1877

             This class surveys American history beginning with its Pre-Columbian origins. It extends to the colonial period and then to the Atlantic World forces that created revolution. The course continues with the tensions inherent in a nation divided by region and vision for the future. It ends with the climax of conflict that was the Civil War, and the Reconstruction in its wake that left unsettled the issue of civil rights.

             This course places U.S. history in a global context. In doing so, it examines the complex ways in which the contours of the American experience have been both shaped by global forces and conversely, how the United States has influenced the world. Moreover, the course investigates the expansion and contraction of democracy as part of the longer-term process of global revolutionary movements demanding freedom that began, but was not fully realized, with its own revolution.

             This course provides students with the basic tools for understanding America in the world, and the world in America. Students will be better equipped to understand their past, present, and future with this more expansive historical perspective.


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