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Philosophy of Pillars Elementary

Pillars Preparatory Academy’s mission is to provide a well-rounded, rigorous, Islamic character-building education.  All elementary classrooms expose students to a challenging interdisciplinary curricula through interactive, hands-on, and student-centered approaches to learning.  Our teachers update our curricula each year to make sure that they align with state standards, Islamic principles, our student needs, and the latest research.  

English Language Art (ELA)

We believe that students develop language in order to communicate and the main focus of our elementary program is to support students to be in conversation with themselves, others, and with the texts they read.  Teachers use a readers and writers workshop model in conjunction with the NJ State Standards to support each student at their own individual level.  By grade 5, students are reading advanced novels and writing 3-5 paragraph essays and stories.  We offer IXL as an online, personalized learning tool for students. 


The main Arabic focus in the elementary department is to support students to read the Quran.  Most of our students are able to do a full khatm of the Quran during 2nd grade and continue to do more akhtam every 3 years between Grade 3 and 12.  We also support students to develop Arabic vocabulary and comprehension skills.  By Grade 5, most students can read simple Arabic picture books with comprehension.  


Following the NJ State Standards, our mathematics program supports students to develop fluency and to use different operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  Students use mental math strategies and hands-on materials to develop deep conceptual understandings and build flexibility around numeracy.  We offer IXL as an online, personalized learning tool for students.

Islamic Studies

The main focus of the Islamic Studies curriculum is character building.  All our students (Preschool-12) focus on one character trait per month and we go in-depth about that trait in age-appropriate ways that incorporate Shariah, ahadith, and Islamic stories.  


We believe in hands-on experiential learning in the science classroom that supports students to understand scientific phenomena in the world around them.  Students learn about a variety of topics, following the Next Generation Science standards.  


Our Quran program incorporates both Hifz (memorization) and Quranic studies (Tafseer and stories from the Quran).  Starting in Grade 3, students have a more individualized hifz program.  By Grade 5, most students memorize ΒΎ of Juz Amma.  Many are able to go beyond this. 

Social Studies

Our social studies program incorporates state learning standards with Islamic values to provide students with an Islamic-based understanding of social constructs, governance, and leadership.  


Our highly-acclaimed art program allows students to explore famous artists, styles, and materials (including paint and clay) while incorporating Islamic values, concepts, and artistic movements.  Students have art class once a week.

Physical Education

Students learn about physiology, games, and healthy habits in a fun and structured environment.  Students have PE class twice a week. 

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