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College Counseling Program

The college-counseling program at Pillars is designed to help students explore their strengths, talents, abilities and interests. By doing this we can identify the right college and university that best match the students’ choice and, ultimately, gain admission to the colleges and universities that best suit their ambitions and aspirations. Pillars experienced College Counselor works closely with both students and parents in the college preparation, selection, application, and the admission process.
Advocating for individual students and the School as a whole, the college counselors maintain contact with colleges and universities across the nation and internationally. The college counselors schedule many visits to campuses throughout the year, giving the students the opportunity to see what the campuses have to offer. All of these interactions help to sharpen students’ understanding of the colleges, as well as enhancing the colleges’ familiarity with Pillars and distinguishing the strengths of students and graduates at Pillars.
What makes the difference between College Counseling at Pillars over other schools is the accessibility of the college counseling department for all students at all times.  Students feel free to visit the College Counseling Office at any time during college application season as often as they want. Students at Pillars receive all possible support and guidance throughout their tenure here in order to select the best possible college choice.
This convenient access eases most of students’ anxiety, tension and stress of the college selection, application, and admission process. They feel the professional support throughout the entire experience in a welcoming atmosphere.

Available Services

1. Plan the courses they need to take to get ready for the college of their choice.
2. Arranging the necessary material for standardized test preparations, scheduling the test dates, analyzing test scores, GPA, and course requirements for college
3. Gathering information regarding available academic programs, majors, and career opportunities
4. Visiting college campuses to gather firsthand information from the college admission teams
5. Helping students understand the principles of writing college application essays
6. Professional attitudes, accessibility, and strong relationships among the students and counselors are the key elements for our Pillars Prep College Counseling Department.