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Pillars Preparatory Academy is a 501( C)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt school (EIN #47-4168504) 
Community support and donations are crucial for the growth and success of Pillars Preparatory Academy for several compelling reasons.  They play a pivotal role in nurturing future generations of well-informed, spiritually grounded, and socially responsible Muslims. These contributions are not just an investment in the school but also in the broader Islamic community and its enduring values.

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Why Support Pillars?

Legacy and Sadaqah Jariyah: 

Supporting Pillars Preparatory Academy allows community members to establish a lasting legacy of knowledge and righteousness. It can be viewed as a form of Sadaqah Jariyah, where the benefits continue to accrue even after one's lifetime.

Investing in Education: 

Supporting our school is an investment in the future of our community. A strong, well-funded school system benefits everyone by producing well-educated individuals who contribute positively to society, drive economic growth, and make our community a better place to live.

Attracting and Retaining Quality Teachers: 

Quality educators are essential for delivering an exceptional education. Donations help us attract and retain the best teachers by offering competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and a supportive teaching environment.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: 

Donations can be used to create scholarships and financial aid programs that make education accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. This promotes inclusivity and ensures that all students have a fair chance to succeed.

Upgrading Facility

School facilities play a crucial role in the learning environment. Donations can be used to renovate classrooms, build state-of-the-art facilities, and provide students with a safe and inspiring place to learn.  
We have finished renovation of the third floor that has been fully dedicated to our Middle School and High School students with the help of your donations!


Help Us Elevate Our School – Support the Third-Floor Bathrooms Project!


We are seeking your support and donations to install two much-needed bathrooms on the third floor.  Currently, the lack of bathrooms on the third floor poses an inconvenience for students and staff. With your support, we can make our school more accessible and comfortable for everyone.  Having bathrooms on every floor means fewer disruptions to classes and activities. This allows for a more focused and efficient learning environment.


Your financial contributions, no matter the amount, make a difference. Every dollar counts in bringing this project to life.


Expand Our Reach, Transform Lives: Support Our Transportation Expansion Project!


AlhamdulAllah! We were able to add an additional Van line serving the families in Old Bridge, NJ community. 
Many families face challenges with transportation, limiting access to quality education. By expanding our transportation options, we can ensure that more students can attend school without these barriers.  Additional drop-off and pickup locations mean convenience for parents and caregivers. It simplifies their daily routines, allowing them to focus on their own commitments while ensuring their children get to school safely and on time.  A reliable and efficient transportation system enables students to arrive at school ready to learn, without the stress of long commutes or logistical challenges. It sets the stage for a positive and productive school day.
Your financial contributions will directly fund the purchase and maintenance of the transportation vans, ensuring that more students have access to quality education.

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