Why Pillars?

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and beloved Students,

We are honored to introduce the newest member of private Islamic schools in New Jersey. Pillars Preparatory Academy offers grade Pre-School through High school with a Daycare. Pillars will provide a top-class education, with a comprehensive program of study, and rigorous character-building programs in an exceptional learning atmosphere.

Alhamdulillah, we were blessed with a 60,000 ft² School facility, at the heart of Central Jersey, to host this ambitious project. The building will be completely renovated to offer 25 large classrooms, fully equipped science labs, a computer lab, media lab with lecture hall, foreign languages Lab, Library, leading-edge Athletic Center, art center and cafeteria. Pillars will focus all of its resources on education by retaining highly qualified educators who are invested in their own professional development, and capable of performing in a competitive environment. Pillars Academy will have the highest standards for classroom achievements that will center on collaborative practices, inquiry, and high motivation. We promise our students a memorable learning experience that will shape their personalities, instill life-long love for knowledge and research, and let them take charge of their own future.

In addition, Pillars will offer a wide selection of AP and elective courses, SAT Prep, ESL,foreign languages courses, and full time student counseling. The academy will provide all the necessary tools for students to succeed in any program they choose, and will prepare them for a scholarly performance in colleges. We will also implement a comprehensive Islamic studies/Quran/Arabic language program, designed to graduate a knowledgeable and devoted Muslim leader, along with a top Athletic program, Fine Art education, clubs, and extra-curricular activities. Pillars will partner with families and organizations in New Jersey to create a top tier Islamic school.