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Admission Application

Enrollment Package Instructions/Checklist

Please complete one Enrollment Package for each student being admitted to the school. Please print clearly with blue or black ink. Be sure to include the studentโ€™s name and phone number at the bottom of each page of each form. This is to ensure that we have the correct information for each student, should the pages of the documents get separated. NOTE: Students are not officially enrolled until all complete forms have been submitted.

A non-refundable SCHOOL FEE must accompany this application. Final acceptance is based upon personal interview, placement testing, previous transcript and the availability of space in the grade for which the student is applying.

Required Forms & Paperwork

Click on each form title to download forms

  • Please fill out all the information sections. Make sure you provide complete information including full mailing address. To ensure accurate data entry, please spell out all abbreviations, including street names, town names, and states.

  • Please include a copy of the studentโ€™s current immunization card.

  • Please complete and sign the Credit Card Release Form.

  • Please include a copy of a driverโ€™s license, local or state tax documents, voter registration, utility bill or other official document addressed to parent/legal guardian living with student.

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